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Monday, March 8, 2010

Two 45's from 1964 (EG 812 and CEFA 205)

Today we present two 45's from 1964.

First up is catalogue CEFA 205 which is credited to Kwamy & l'Orchestre O.K. Jazz. Both songs are composed by Kwamy and neither have ever been available outside of this single release as far as we can tell. We particularly like the change half way through 'Nakobanga Mangungu Te'.

CEFA 205

Side A

Nakobanga Mangungu Te (Kwamy)

Side B

Tolobi (Kwamy)

The second 45 from 1964 is the Pathé EP called OK Jazz "64" No.4 with the catalogue EG 812.

Of most interest here is the track Yambo Carolina which appears not to have been released on any CD or LP. The other tracks are more widely available which is just as well because unfortunately the version of this EP that we have has quite a lot of skips, particularly on the track 'Polo' and it is quite noisy.

Luckily 'Yambo Carolina' doesn't skip and sounds pretty good. The other tracks were re-issued on the Sonodisc CD 36555

Side A

Polo (Franco)

Niongo Na Yo Nakofuta Te (Franco)

Side B

Bolingo Na Bougie (Coimy)

Yambo Carolina (Edo)

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