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We are here to restore the recorded legacy of Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz, the greatest band to ever exist.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Merveilles du Passé 1961

All of the posts so far have been of music from the late 1970's and 80's. Here's some much earlier OK Jazz recordings where the Cuban influence is much stronger. The songs are all much shorter, the band much smaller, but there's a great charm to these recordings and Franco's guitar shines through as usual.

Strangely, none of these songs were written by Franco, they were either written by Vicky, Kwamy or Edo. The album is credited to Vicky, Kwamy, Edo et l'OK Jazz.

Side A

Lobela Ngai Nyonso Oyokaki (Vicky)

O.K. Yasolo Okatisi Ebale (Vicky)

Ngai Se Mwana O.K. (Vicky)

Una Bella Muchacha (Vicky)

Mbongo Ezali Na Suka Te (Kwamy)

Prosabel 2e Avenue Kabondo (Kwamy)

Side B

Gina Garde Tour Pour Moi (Kwamy)

Tika Kobebisa Muana (Kwamy)

Kopakola Ngai Boniama Te (Kwamy)

Yo Tellama (Edo)

Matinda Kolemba Ngai Te (Kwamy)

Ngai Nyao Pantalon Na Mokamba (Edo)


  1. Many thanks for this great album! Sorry to say that track 3 (Ngai Se Mwana O.K.) seems to be corrupt, but no big deal (got a copy - one of my fave early OKJ songs).

  2. yes we noticed that problem Joe. We will fix it in a week or so.