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We are here to restore the recorded legacy of Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz, the greatest band to ever exist.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Alive (1990) Koch International CD 63

This album is like a Holy Grail for us. Even though it was released on CD in 1990 it is very hard to find and out of print. We finally sourced a copy and are so happy to share it with you. It is a great real live performance by Franco and TPOK Jazz at the African Festival in Utrecht from 1988, the year before the Grand Maitre sadly left us.

There is such great energy on this record and a huge line-up of musicians. Franco brought 28 members of OK Jazz to Utrecht for this concert at his own expense as a favour to former OK Jazz member Joseph Ngonga who was an organiser of it.

1 Likambo (Franco)
2 Bolingo ya Ngai No Tata (Josky)
3 Pesa Ngai Position Na Ya (Madilu System)
4 Tres Fache (Franco)
5 Mario (Franco)
6 Mono Munutu Nieki Amo Ta Ndila (Franco)
7 Etumba (Franco)
8 Mawe (Ndombe Opetum)
9 Tokoma ba Camarades Pamba (Franco)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Youlou Mabiala Dans Lili et Nsona 'Live in Miguel - Casse Coup" Disco Stock DS 7966

You may remember we posted the infamous OK Jazz Live Recording of the Afro European Tour LP here

That otherwise great album was somewhat ruined by fake audience noise.

Unfortunately the same is true of this solo album by Youlou Mabiala recorded after he left OK Jazz, but the music is so great we just had to post it.

We don't know who Youlou has in this band, but they are really tight and carry on the OK Jazz tradition. Some of the members probably played with OK Jazz.

We especially like the beautiful second track Walimeya, it has great guitars and a thundering bass line. Whoever the bass player is on this record is really great.

Side A



Side B

Nsona Hombele

Na Komi Kilawou

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nguashi N'Timbo - Mboyo' Osala Ngai Nini (1982)

 We previously posted some great Ngaushi N'Timbo and OK Jazz material here

Our friends at Global Groovers have recently posted another great album of his here.

It's not an OK Jazz release, but since Ngaushi was a member of OK Jazz, the great Ntesa Dalienst is also on it and the sound of the record is very like the great band we thought it would be good to include a link to the album here for those who missed it on Global Groovers.

Side A

1 Mboyo, osala ngai nini
2 Na retiré bolingo

Side B

3 Mokolo ekonginda
4 Bolingo pasi