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Friday, May 7, 2010


This post is a special request from Kisondella in Tanzania. It is a great album from 1985 that has a real sound of its own. The use of chorused guitars and electric drums might put off some purists, but the songs and musicianship on the album transcend any dated 80's sounds. Josky and Madilu are to the fore on the vocal front here. The album includes the classic Madilu System song 'Pesa Position Na Yo'.

We do not have an LP version of this so the tracks we've posted are compiled from the out of print CD reissues SONODISC CDS 6856, SONODISC CDS 6866 and SONODISC CDS 6852.
Why Sonodisc split the tracks across these discs we don't understand!

The images of the LP were taken from another internet site.

Side A

K.S.K. (Josky)

Nda-Ya (Mpudi Decca)

Side B

Pesa Position Na Yo (Madilu System)

Mukungu (Gerry Dialungana)