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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Africa for Africa (1986)

Africa for Africa was an African response to USA for Africa's hit 'We are the World'.

This is not the greatest song Franco was ever involved with but it has its moments. We particularly like the chorus which has some beautfiful voices on it.

Franco makes a brief appearance at the beginning and end of the song. We're not sure if he plays guitar. There is also an instrumental version of the song featuring solos by the composer Moro Beya Maduma on sax, Boncana Maiga on Flute and Emett McDonald on Trombone.

The list of singers on the main track are in order Franco, Celia Johnson, Bibi Den' Tshibayi, Julia Young, Pamelo Mounk'a, Rose Marie Guiraud, Les Freres Bassole, Abeti Masikini, Nel Oliver, Mamie Claudia, Agboti Yao, Boncana Maiga, Moro Beya Maduma et Mamie Claudia, Ismael et Les Freres Keita, Amedee Pierre, Rose Marie Guiraud, Laba Sosseh, Bibi Den's Thsibayi et Moro Beya Maduma, Aicha Kone and Franco to end.

Side A

Africa for Africa (Moro Beya Maduma)

Side B

Africa for Africa Instrumental (Moro Beya Maduma)

Just to add some info, I found out who all the musicians on the record are. Franco doesn't play guitar, Ngoie Doris plays solo and rhythm.

The full list of musicians as detailed on the records inner sleeve are as follows

Chorus Vocals

Djoe Mpoy Kaninda
Kanengwa Kayoboti
Nyota Yondo
Madeleine Koussi


Moro Beya Maduma
Kunista Rubens Madiata
Rondo Kasongo


Muky Le Fameux
Milanda Teke Teke


Emmett McDonald


Ngoie Doris


Dave Lubaki


Balu Leze


Dave Lubaki

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