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We are here to restore the recorded legacy of Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz, the greatest band to ever exist.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

African Retro Vol. 1 and Merveilles du Passé 1957/1958

This blog is all about collecting all the Ok Jazz related material we can find in one place, so we occasionally post links to uploads made on other blogs. Here we post links from our friends at Global Groovers to two old records featuring OK Jazz in their early days.

Merveilles du Passé 1957/1958 is some of the earliest Ok Jazz on record, heavy rumbas, beautiful music.
You can read more about the album and download it here

Track listing

1 Motema ya lokoso (Franco)
2 Oyangani ngai ? (Franco)
3 Oleka tukomane (Vicky)
4 Ngai oyo nazongi (Vicky)
5 Bana ages (Franco)
6 Oh ! Katharina (Franco)
7 La mulata rumber (Franco)
8 Malambo zela (Franco)
9 Mami majos (Franco)
10 OK Jazz makila mabe (Franco)
11 Grupo O.K. Jazz (Franco)
12 Baboni mboka (Franco)

The second link from Global Groovers is a compilation called African Retro Vol.1. The first six tracks are by OK Jazz. The album also includes music by Orchestre Bantous and Orchestre Cercul.

 Track listing

1 Orchestre OK Jazz - Misele (Franco)
2 Orchestre OK Jazz - On a ose le dire (Franco)
3 Orchestre OK Jazz - Polo (Franco)
4 Orchestre OK Jazz - Bolingo ya bougie (Coimy)
5 Orchestre OK Jazz - Si tu bois beaucoup (Dele)
6 Orchestre OK Jazz - Le temps passe (Franco)
7 Orchestre Bantous - Pa' vacillar
8 Orchestre Bantous - Bantous pachanga
9 Orchestre Cercul - Mobali ya craneur
10 Orchestre Cercul - Honole
11 Orchestre Bantous - Endiable merengue
12 Orchestre Bantous - Tout Brazza

Soon we will post a very rare and controversial OK Jazz track which we found in our father's collection.


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