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We are here to restore the recorded legacy of Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz, the greatest band to ever exist.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two 45's from the 1970's

We have been busy collecting some great rarities to post on the blog. Some of these were acquired with the help of some generous doners. May we thank you sincerely for helping to make these recordings available to everyone. Your continued support is appreciated.

Our first two posts of our new acquisitions are two 45's from the 1970's.

The first is 'Boni Nkaka' a Youlou Mabiala composition from 1977 released as a stand alone single labelled Edition Populaires 061 (African 91.595). The song was previously released on the now deleted Sonodisc CD 36571 which we never got a copy of. This is the original vinyl release in two parts.

The second track is 'Zenaba' a compositon by Franco from 1973 released as Edition Populaires 146. This seems to be two different versions of the same song rather than one long song split over two sides. There is slight warping on our copy of this single which causes the start of part 2 to sound a bit strange. A live version of this song was released on CD by Sonodisc CDS 6952. Both studio versions seem to have only been released on vinyl so this is a rarity and a real classic too.


  1. Zenaba 1 was released on Sonodisc CD 36540, Succes Des Orchestres Du Congo-Zaire Des Annees, as Zenaba 1 x 2, credited to Franco, dated 1974, and 5:50 in length. Zenaba 2 does not appear on that disc. The disc is a compilation featuring two other Franco songs: Nsenga (JNT-Folk-Franco, Editions Populaires--1970, 4:37 in duration) and Makambo Maneno (Franco, Editions Populaires--1970, 7:08 in duration). The disc includes five other bands: Les Bantous De La Capitale, Veve De Verckys, 'Les As,' G.O. Malebo, and Negro Succes.

    Happy to hear the second version! Thanks!


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