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We are here to restore the recorded legacy of Franco Luambo Makiadi and TPOK Jazz, the greatest band to ever exist.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lela Ngai Na Mosika (1985)

This is a 12 inch single from 1985. It is credited to Momy et le Tout Puissant O.K.Jazz, presumably because Momy (Momene Mo Mikengo) composed the tracks.

There are just two tracks. One on each side.

The first track 'Lela Ngai Na Mosika' appears to be a re-recording of a hit from Josky and Ntesa Dalienst's album 'Alerte'.

The second track is called 'Likingo Li Mboka'.

The single was released via the African Record Center/Safari Music inprint with a catalogue of Tchika 010/85.

We don't know if Franco is on this rare record, but it is very good nonetheless. There's a great sebene in Lela Ngai Na Mosika. Vocals on both tracks are provided by Josky, Ntesa, Madilu and Kiwakana.

Side A

Lela Ngai Na Mosika (Momy)

Side B

Likingo Li Mboka (Momy)


  1. Kasongo!

    I salute you for great posting once again!.

    These tracks go straight into my "Red Book" as the most favourite tracks I love with TP OK Jazz and its associates.

    While I am enjoying the tracks yet on the other hand I am mourning. Just hear the prominent voice of Kiwanaka Kiala, Madilu Sytem and Dalienst Ntesa, all these majestry are no more, only Josky Kiambukuta (God keep him alive to tell us the all stories. Vocal combination is excellent!! and it is the first time I could find Kiwakana given major role in solo along side with Kiambukuta.

    I feel very bad as these legendary has no replacements as afterlife, even more worse thing is those young musician stars mushrooming up have lost control of a real rhumba music we used to enjoy.

    String section is well arranged, I can recorginse Dizzy Mandjeku hammering of solo gitar in these songs (Kasongo or anybody correct me if I am wrong!. This is typical Dizzy Mandjeku plays solo gitar, this comes to agree with Kasongo that Franco did not show up during recording of these songs. Sometimes Franco had problem with Mobutu regime and would stay out of the band for considerable time before resume, under these conditions prove not participate in some recordings.

    By the way Momene Mo Mikengo, composer of the tracks was he member of TP Ok Jazz?, or he just request for troup support for his songs?, which section of music was he charging? Vocal?, String?, Percussions?, Horns?.

    Once again Big up Kasongo

    Kisondella - Tanzania

  2. Hi Kisondella,

    Thanks for your comments. We do not know much about Momene, it doesn't say on the record whether he sang or played.

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