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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Authenticite OK Jazz 1960/62 (African 360124)

We really like this LP of early OK Jazz tracks recorded between 1960 and 1962.

There is one curiosity about this LP and that is that the tracks 'Sakina Jacky' and 'Bebe Ngai Na Zongi' seem to be identical. This is probably a pressing error. We're not sure if this is just something to do with the copy we have or whether it was a general pressing error that was never rectified. We would appreciate any information anyone has on this.

Either way 'Sakina Jacky' is a great track with lovely guitar and sax interplay, so it's almost worth being on the LP twice!

Most of these tracks were composed by Mujos, two are by Franco.

Side A

Na Banzi Zozi

Maria De Mi Vida (Mujos)

Bolingo Ya Mbongo Mabe (Mujos)

La Mulata Congolaisa (Mujos)

Olongi Yo Mayi Ya Bwatu (Mujos)

Nono Bolingo Na Mujos (Mujos)

Side B

Na Ko Banza Mama Na Bwana

Sakina Jacky (Mujos)

Sentiment Poto Poto

Mobembo Mabe Boye

Ndale Mi Querida (

Bebe Ngai Na Zongi

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