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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Quart De Siecle Volume 5 (1981) Edipop 06

This album is a bit of an oddity. It is volume 5 of Le Quart De Siecle which we posted earlier, however this is not generally considered to go with the other four volumes because it was recorded at a different time.

The album also seems to have been released in two different versions. One features the ultra-rare song 'Honda' in place of 'Ngaliene'. Ngaliene appeared on the Sonodisc CD 8489 (titled '1980-1981') along with the other tracks 'Coupe Du Monde', 'Fabrice' and 'Wallo'. 'Honda' has never been released on CD and it appears it was only released on the rare version of Le Quart De Siecle Vol. 5.

So now this rare Josky composition is available for all along with the other tracks by following this link.

There are some other things of note about this copy of the album. The track 'Fabrice' is much longer than the version released on CD, it also fades out at one point only to start abruptly again.

The album sequence was also incorrectly titled

On the album cover and label the track listing is

Side A

Coupe Du Monde


Side B



The actual sequence of tracks on the LP is as follows

Side A

Coupe Du Monde (Ndombe Opetum)

Honda (Josky)

Side B

Fabrice (Franco)

Wallo (Ntesa Dalienst)

We've also included the track Ngaliene to cover both versions of the LP release.

Apologies for the bad photo reproduction of the LP cover

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