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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Franco & Michelino - Benediction

Benediction is an album originally released in 1983 by Michelino, a great guitarist who was an occasional member of TPOK Jazz. The album was released on CD a few years ago but it has now gone out of print and it is not available as a digital download. So this is a rarity only available at the link below for your listening pleasure.

The sound on this album is quite different to the classic TPOK Jazz sound. It's very much an album from the 1980's with its drum machines and chorused guitar sounds, but if you can get beyond these things it becomes a wonderful album. In fact the novel 1980's touches have a kind of charm to them, particularly the funky slap bass on the track 'Prince D'xl'.

The real highlight of the album though is the guitar playing of Michelino and how it interacts with Franco's guitar. Whilst this album is not officially a TPOK Jazz recording, it does feature other TPOK Jazz members including Josky, teaming up with members of Tabu Ley Rochereau's band Afrisa International under the banner 'Lisanga ya Banganga'. This is the same group that made several albums in 1983 such as Choc Choc Choc & L'Evenement.

A similar sound pervades all these albums and they will be posted
here at a later date.

Our special thanks go to Stefan of worldservice for providing
us with the track 'Va et Vient',

We think all the tracks were composed by Michelino, if we're
wrong please correct us.


Side 1
MUTAMBULA MPIMPA  (Michelino)     
PRINCE D' XL (Michelino)
Side 2
POINT CARRÉ (Michelino)    
VA ET VIENT (Michelino)


  1. This album was also issued with a different sleeve. I did not recognize this at first!

  2. Yes, I have it with a different sleeve here in front of me... More of a photocollage, using the main pic of the sleeve yr showing. its a "michita production" under Mich001, from 1984.

  3. the other sleeve is by "Maquette Paris Tropical - tel: 3710411"